This will enable users to search for forensic electro mail evidence by To, Bcc, Cc, Sub, Body etc. of an email and attached files to it as well using its instantaneous search facility.

Export Email Evidence
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Forensic Email Search
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It will allow users to collect forensic email evidences by converting them into small files like EML, MSG, PDF and HTML which can be accessed easily.


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Analyze Forensic Email

Over the past few years’ forensic examination of emails has moved to the next level of modern forensic science where it’s not only required to investigate cyber forensic cases but also a need of all the forensicators and users to control cyber crime activities and fight against it. In the late 80’s forensicators were lacking in analyzing the email headers as it wasn’t possible to analyze email header.

Later on in the early 21st century they implemented email forensic software’s which can analyze email headers, can search for email evidences, can support multiple email applications and also search forensic email evidence by To, Bcc, Cc, Sub, Body etc of an email and attachments to it.

It can easily able to view and scrutinize code format emails like HEX, RTF, HTML, MIME VIEW etc which still most of the other forensic tools can’t and lacks in. It’s somewhat difficult to analyze code emails which can only be feasible with forensic software. Email analyser besides support more than 10 different email applications like PST, OST, INCREDIMAIL, EUDORA etc.

At last the Email Examiner Software is capable of collecting the forensic email evidence by exporting the email evidence to the device location or else by converting the email evidence into easy accessible files such as EML, MSG, PDF and HTML files.

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Now, get to know how to avoid alteration of email header and parts of it, know how to uncover and reveal the culprits behind the cyber crime activities by just downloading the FREE DEMO of Email Examiner Software with 50 emails export per folder to enhance and boost up your confidence for investigating cyber crime cases

With this users will able to analyze different email applications such as PST, OST, INCREDIMAIL, EUDORA etc.and can easily able to analyze email header and parts of it.
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Email Analyser to Scrutinize Emails

In this blog we would be discussing about the evolving use of forensic email analyser to scrutinize emails in this era of electronic science world. More than one-third of corporate counsels report a drastic increase in the usage of forensic medicine tools to analyze electronic mails. Let’s start with the process of forensic examination of email.
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